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NinjasRealityExebitionWeaponsBots Of Steel


Over the years we created several packages for Unity Asset Store.
For more assets, visit our Unity Store
Egyptian TombGreek TempleModern WeaponsMedieval WeaponsLow Poly CubicDesert CityMobile UIMonsters & Nightmares SoundsTribal SoundsNokobot Collections


Egyptian Tomb


Face your ninja fellas in quick, fierce-full battles. 
Throw shurikens, dash and slash your way to victory counter your enemy by well timed attacks and blocks.
Egyptian Tomb


All you need to do is guess whether Trump wrote this tweet or not. Seems simple enough, but even our developers seem to struggle with it.

About us

Nokobot was founded in 2016 to offer our skills in Apps or Game Development.
We also develop our own projects and games, so keep an eye out!


We offer consulting for companies or individuals.
We aim to understand our customers goals and find the best way to reach them.


Our team contains talented artists who focus mainly on 3D.
We offer character / environment modeling, animations, and more.


We are very experienced Certified Unity developers, our team keeps up with the latests updates and changes.


We have a very diverse team, we can offer solutions in effects, sound, game design, websites, servers, and more!


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